King’s Cage #THRReviews

King's Cage (Red Queen, #3)

Title: King’s Cage
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Publication Date: February 7th 2017 by HarperTeen
Edition: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 528
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Dystopia
Series: Third book


Mare Barrow is a prisoner, powerless without her lightning, tormented by her lethal mistakes. She lives at the mercy of a boy she once loved, a boy made of lies and betrayal. Now a king, Maven Calore continues weaving his dead mother’s web in an attempt to maintain control over his country—and his prisoner.

As Mare bears the weight of Silent Stone in the palace, her once-ragtag band of newbloods and Reds continue organizing, training, and expanding. They prepare for war, no longer able to linger in the shadows. And Cal, the exiled prince with his own claim on Mare’s heart, will stop at nothing to bring her back.

When blood turns on blood, and ability on ability, there may be no one left to put out the fire—leaving Norta as Mare knows it to burn all the way down.

Keep reading to see an excerpt of the book.

RATING: 2 stars

FULL WARNING: roasting ahead

60% of Mare being trapped, 20% of Cameron’s angst, 10% action, and 10% of Evangeline

What bothers me most about this book is how much pages are wasted on too much rambling.

It only gets interesting after 300 pages

And by interesting, I mean interesting enough to not put it down, fall asleep, and mark it as DNF. I was so close to just leaving it there, but I’ve come this far, might as well read it until the end.

Fillers. Fillers everywhere.

Yeah, I guess there’s a lot of political and war planning going on here. Sorry if I feel somehow disconnected reading them. But I can’t blame my boredom towards this book just because it had war planning and political issues, I’ve read lots of books with the same topics, and yet, I wasn’t bored at all.

Where’s the action? Oh, that was it.

So much fillers in the beginning, and then when you finally get some action, quick as lightning.

Trust me, Mare is better off alone.

Nothing is more magical than the love Mare feels for Cal. Magic how? Because it just appeared in thin air. I didn’t really feel anything develop between them during Glass Sword. One minute, she was complaining how much of a follower Cal was, the next, she was in love with him??? Hmm, I guess it was just the “intensity of their situation”. I mean yes, Maven might be psychotic and obsessed, but that guy had way more chemistry with Mare than Cal ever did in this series.

Maven was a prisoner too.

I would’ve enjoyed this book if we actually got chapters from Maven’s PoV like some readers speculated. I think he’s completely misunderstood, plus the fact that his mother made her way into his head, resulting into him being a psychopath was worse. Also, getting to read the book in the eyes of a twisted king would be very interesting.

The Red Queen WAS great and promising. But the writing style gets more dragging as the story progresses. The only thing that makes me keep reading it is the fact that I don’t like starting a book series and leaving it unfinished.


“What you’re about to see isn’t real.” I gesture to Harrick, who nods. He’s ready. Slowly, we move to our knees, crouching down to blend in with them. When his illusion on us lifts, the Silvers won’t notice us at first. Distracted. Hopefully.

My message travels quickly. The hostages tense. Even though they’re the same age as me, they seem older, worn by the months training to fight and then spent in a trench. Even Morrey, though he looks better fed than he ever was at home. Still invisible to his eye, I reach out and tentatively take his hand. His fingers close on mine, holding tight. And the illusion rendering us invisible drops. Two more bodies join the circle of hostages. The others blink at us, struggling to mask their surprise. “Here we go,” Harrick murmurs. Behind us, the Silvers continue bickering over the dead and dying. They don’t spare a thought for the hostages. Harrick narrows his eyes, focusing on the curving tower wall to our right. He breathes heavily, air whistling through his nose and out his mouth. Gathering his strength. I brace myself for the blow, even though I know it doesn’t exist.

Suddenly the wall explodes inward in a bloom of fire and stone, exposing the tower to the sky. The Silvers shudder, scampering back from what they think is an attack. Airjets scream past, swooping through the false clouds. I blink, not believing my eyes. I shouldn’t believe my eyes. This isn’t real. But it looks amazingly, impossibly real. Not that I have time to gape. Harrick and I jump to our feet, herding the others with us. We bolt through the fire, flames licking close enough to burn us through. I flinch even though I know it isn’t there. The fire is distraction enough, startling the Silvers so that we can stampede through the door and onto the stairs. I push on, leading the pack, while Harrick keeps the rear. He waves his arms like a dancer, weaving illusions out of thin air. Fire, smoke, another round of missiles. All of it keeps the Silvers from pursuing us, cowering from his spooling images. Silence blooms from me, a sphere of deadly power to fell the two Silver lookouts. Morrey clips my heels, almost making me trip, but he catches my arm, keeping me from going over the rail. “Stop!” The first strongarm charges at me, head lowered like a bull. I pulse silence into his body, ramming my ability down his throat. He stumbles, feeling the full weight of my power. I feel it too, death rolling through his flesh. I have to kill him. And quickly. The force of my need crushes blood from his mouth and eyes as pieces of his body die off, organs one after the other. I smother the life from him faster than I’ve ever killed anyone before.


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