Unboxing my first rep box!

Bear with me, this is my first unboxing video.

So…I got my first rep box! And do I love its contents. 😉

As much as I love books, I’m quite obsessed with other “bookish stuff” too (e.g. bookmarks, stickers/pins/postcards). I just couldn’t get enough of them. So imagine how thrilled I was when Pandam made me one of their reps?!

Very thrilled. Very thrilled indeed.

Cast your patronus charm with this Expecto Patronum bookmark for P20.00 only.

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Pandam: Beyond the Alley is a Philippine-based online shop that sells bookmarks, pins, postcards, and stickers from different fandoms. From bookish fandoms like Harry Potter series, Throne of Glass, Red Queen…

to T.V series fandoms like Stranger Things, How I Met Your Mother…. even K-dramas! This shop has got you covered.

How I Met Your Mother bookmarks!

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Here’s my unboxing video 😁:

✨  ✨  ✨  ✨


What’s inside:

  • 4 Morgan Matson (The Unexpected Everything, Since You’ve Been Gone, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour) bookmarks
  • 4 Harry Potter bookmark
  • 2 Zodiac bookmarks
  • 2 Leigh Bardugo (Shadow and Bone, Six of Crows) bookmarks
  • The Little Prince bookmark
  • “To Be Read List” bookmark
  • “Books and Coffee” bookmark
  • “Let’s rattle the starts” bookstagram prop (it’s not a sticker/a bookmark so I’m calling it a bookstagram prop hehe)
  • TFIOS postcard
  • 2 Harry Potter postcards
  • Carve The Mark postcard
  • “Just One More Page” postcard
  • Harry Potter sticker collection
  • A signed bookmark (Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard)
  • A Scarlet Guard banner (Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard)
  • A customized Harry Potter postcard

In case you’re wondering, here’s the Harry Potter sticker collection! 😉


The sorting hat is my personal favorite. Hehe

You can order your own customized bookmarks/postcards too! Let your imagination run wild and let him do the designing. Trust me, the results are amazing. You can use my code (see end of post) for a discount. 😉

Customized bookmark for @oldbookpages Thank you Aira 😊😁

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Here are some of the pins he made for book signing events here in the Philippines…

Cool, no?

Get our #PandamPins for only P20.00 each! More designs to come 🙂

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I love his products, even before I became his rep. Jayson (Pandam’s owner) is a really talented guy and I’m lucky to be one of his representatives. It’s great to support local every now and then.

I am more than happy to show the book community his wonderful creations.

Fuel your thirst for the different fandoms you love! Visit Pandam: Beyond The Alley  here.

Or here.

Use code: THR10 for a discount!
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          Pandam: Beyond the Alley serves as everyone’s alley to their own fandom.


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