My 3 Ms This September


Morgan, Mangoes, and MIBF!

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Last Saturday (September 17, 2016) I got to meet the adorable Morgan Matson and go to this year’s Manila International Book Fair!

7:30 AM

I arrived at Glorietta and queued for Morgan’s book signing where the line was already long (early birds ftw!). I then met up with some bookstagrammers, and with a few more hours left before registration, I’ve decided to finally start reading Sarah J Mass’s A Court of Mist and Fury. #FEYSAND

10:30 AM

This reminds me of the “Sloane loves Ferris” sign in Since You’ve Been Gone

Right after we got registered, me and my friend headed over to Mall of Asia for Day 04 of the Manila International Book Fair.

What is MIBF?

Now on its 37th year, the Manila International Book Fair continues to be the country’s biggest and longest-running book fair. It showcases the largest and most varied collection of literature for leisure and academic reading. Everything you need from fiction bestsellers, to textbooks, to graphic novels, and even educational materials are all under one roof. Moreover, the MIBF is also the go-to venue for this year’s most awaited book launches and signings, dialogues with readers, contests, and other literary events.

Running for almost four decades now, it has evolved from an event for the publishing industry and the academe to one of the most-awaited exhibitions for all sorts of readers. The MIBF has become a gathering of sorts for bookworms of all ages and walks of life to celebrate the joys of reading and the knowledge each book brings about. It has also been providing a venue for the exchange of ideas amongst players in the publishing and academic industry.

For more information, visit their website here.

We ran straight to the NBS booth in the hopes of snagging an ARC.

Unfortunately, we were too late. All 17 ARCs were already claimed.

Image result for crying gif

With a broken heart, we proceeded to Fullybooked’s booth where we saw some familiar (bookish) faces. And just when I was starting to feel unlucky…good ol’ Raf of theroyalpolarbearreads gives me his ARC of The Stranger Game 😍 (you’re the best, ok?) plus we also got some cool chapter samplers including Veronica Roth’s upcoming book, Carve the Mark, from Fullybooked.

We wanted to stay a bit more, but seeing that the crowd was getting bigger, and the signing will start in an hour, we decided to head back to Glorietta.


1:30 PM

We arrived 30 minutes before the event started which gave us enough time to eat & freshen up. Thank goodness.

2:00 PM

Facts about Morgan Matson & her books:

Image result for werk hamilton gif

  • Her real name is Morgan Katherine Finn Matson, thus her books under the name of Katie Finn. 😉
  • Before becoming a writer, she wanted to be an actress.
  • She loves HAMILTON!
  • Her favorite play is A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.
  • She spends a lot of time making her “writing playlist”.
  • Yet another author who fell in love with our native mangoes 💕
  • She’s not good with deadlines. (Same, Morgan. Same.)
  • After finishing a book, she celebrates by sleeping late and waking up to watch a film. (It’s the simple things, you know.)
  • Her literary heroes are Sarah Dessen and John Green.
  • She loves doing “book cameos”.
  • There is a little hint of her next book that can be found in the Unexpected Everything.
  • Frank Porter is not inspired by any person. Sorry.
  • She never liked brooding bad boys.
  • Clark’s her favorite ❤
  • She has gone skinny-dipping!

Oh yeah and I also got to ask her a question 😁

Did I mention that I made a little something for her? 💕


I dunno if we did a heart or an “M” ?



It was also nice catching up with all the bookworms/book bloggers last week. And of course, getting to see all the friends I haven’t seen in months.

around 7:00 PM (I think?)

So, after eating and saying our final goodbyes, some of my friends and I headed out Glorietta to go home. We passed by NBS again before leaving. The event was finished and some guys were already cleaning up, it was then that we saw a familiar blue dress. We ran towards the person wearing it…and lo and behold, it was Morgan! She was on her way out. Of course we had to grab the opportunity that presented itself and take a quick selfie with her before she leaves.
 So there you have it! My Morgan Matson book signing x MIBF2016 recap.


Here are all the stuff I got to take home:

Big thanks to these guys:
  •  Morgan Matson PH & Katharine McGee PH  who gave away free bookmarks before and during the event.
  • Sayy of literaryhues and Jem for the Throne of Glass, A Little Life and Hamilton bookmarks.
  • Rafael for The Stranger Game ARC! 😁
  • Fullybooked for the Carve The Mark chapter sampler
  • National Bookstore for bringing the adorable Morgan Matson here in the Philippines.

and last but definitely not the least

  • My great and awesome friend Pamala for Ready Player One & Speak ❤ ❤ ❤ she also got me the ARC for Like a River Glorious (the sequel to Walk on Earth a Stranger). 😍 You’re the best and I’m so glad I got to spend the whole day with you!

Last Saturday was definitelly full of surprises, books, walking, books, running, books, talking, and most importantly, BOOKS.

I went home with aching feet and legs.

No regrets.



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