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Title:ย Siren Suicides
Author:ย Ksenia Anske
Publication Date: April 16, 2016
Edition:ย Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 243
Genre: Young Adult,ย Urban Fantasy
Series: Standalone

On a rainy September morning 16-year-old Ailen Bright flees her abusive father by jumping off the Seattle Aurora Bridge. Instead of a true death, in the water she finds several silver-skinned sirens who convert her to one of their own. As a newborn siren she is dead, supernaturally strong, and hungry for her new sustenanceโ€”human souls.
Ailen refuses to killโ€ฆat first. With time she must face the agony that comes with starvation, while being relentlessly pursued by a siren hunter. An enthralling and dark look into the mind and heart of a suicidal teenager, this urban fantasy follows Ailen’s struggle to figure out the meaning of life, her confusing feelings for her best friend Hunter, and her desperate battle for her father’s love.


RATING:ย 3 stars

I received a copy from the authorย in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book nor the content of my review.


โš  contains spoilersย โš 

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Well, this was an odd book. But why should I be surprised? The title says it all.

The book is about Ailen, a girl who is determined to kill herself. She badly wants to end her life and join her mother because of one thing: her father. Who is misogynistic. Like, really misogynistic. Her father needs serious help.

She then tries to drown herself in the bathtub of their house but fails, so she jumps off a bridge, just like what her mother did. This is where she meets them. The Sirens.ย But these sirens aren’t your typical singing sirens…they’re the killer type.

they don’t have fangs though lol

“Real sirens are among us. They’re the girls who come out at night, in the fog, to sing their pain. Their voices make you do things. They command you to come close to them, and then they sing your soul out, ignite it.”

With the hope of getting her revenge on her father, she joins them and finds out that there is more to her father than meets the eye. She then goes on a mission: to kill her father.

Okay, so this is where the story gets a bit chaotic for me.ย Too much is happening on every page, yet the story doesn’t seem to be moving forward.ย But what really sets me off is the book’s characters, it doesn’t seem to have much, which is sad. Because I want to shoot 80% of this book’s characters. The other 20% doesn’t seem to be that relevant ย ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it was like some of the characters weren’t fully aware of what’s happening. Their emotions were all over the place.

If I had a kill list for this story, it would look something like this:

  1. Mr. Bright (Ailen’s father)
  2. Ailen
  3. Canosa (a bitchย siren)
  4. The other sirens.
  5. Ailen (just because)

I mean, the girl (Ailen) is insane! It’s like she has a death wish or somethโ€”oh wait, never mind.

The deeper I got to the book, the darker it becomes, the more I question every decision this girl is making. The only thing that made me keep reading this was her determination. REMEMBER: This is a girl who’s tired of living so much she jumps off a bridge like she was justย bungee jumping for fun.

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She was given 839746235264 chances to finish her mission, yet she didn’t. She kept telling herself what other people in her position mostly can’t. That there’s still hope. Hope for her father to love her and stop hurting her (hurt is really an understatement to this situation though), again, this makes her completely insane but in a different way. Her dad’s completely delusional, which we also get to know why near the end. I agree that everything has a reason, and this book just proves it.

“His fears are my fears, his fury is my fury, and his memories are my memories. We are one yet we are two, like the vast sky and endless ocean, separated by a horizon line.”

But the ending…now I know I warned you guys for spoilers, but I think telling you the ending would be the ultimate spoiler. So, no. I’ll let you guess, or just read the book ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll tell you this though, it crossed my mind. But seeing it in the book left my mouth slightly hanging open, to be honest. And the ending just kind of sums the whole book. I think it’s the perfect one though, because without it, I don’t think the author would’ve given the story a proper end. It would’ve been just chaos, pure chaos.

Bizarre, chaotic and quite morbid at times, I’d say that this book was like reading a book as odd as a modern-day Alice in Wonderland, but with lots of sirens. Killer sirens.

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